Monday, 25 April 2011

Hibiscus, Home and Hamman

We are back with sweetheart. She brought a chum with her last week who could only stay until yesterday as she has to be in work tomorrow so we have had a frantic 5 days trying to cram in the whole of southern Morocco before delivering her to Marrakesh airport at the crack of dawn.
I was pleased to see that the hibiscus hedge is flowering and I had not missed it and that the white roses are now in flower. The spanish bouganvillea is wonderfully recovered. Moha said he dug it up and trimmed the roots back. I told him he had green fingers and he blushed.
It was chum's first trip to morocco and she came to it with new eyes and took loads of photos of the house seeing things I would not notice so I have posted some of them.
Chum is a lotion and potion lady so she and sweetheart went to the local hamman. It is an interesting contrast of cultures that even though they went from sunbathing at the Palais Salaam pool in skimpy bikinis which would be anathema for any well bred Roudani girl to wear in public they were clearly shocked and discombobulated by having to remove the tops of said bikinis in the hamman in a public room with many other women and children and then be scraped down by a similarly deshabille attendant.The black soap and scraping were clearly bracing to the skin and chum expressed some concern that her newly aquired tan may be scraped off. (She need not hav e worried she clearly tans easily). They also appear to have paid insufficient attention to the attendant so that they were not always expecting the buckets of water sloshed over them.  In Marrekech they went to the spa at the hotel for a much more expensive and westernised experience. They unanimously declined a further hamman and retained the bikini tops for what turned out to be a very gentle massage. Their skin did look good after all this pampering though.

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