Monday, 5 December 2011

The new park

There has long been a park opposite the Palais Salaam which is a pleasant place to stroll in the evening but we don't go to that side of town often and when we were last there they were doing it up. We went this trip and the improvements are tremendous. It seems to be part of the walls scheme. The paving and seats and planting are all good but it is the new area which is out of House and Garden. The extension is mostly a rill with a hump bridge in the middle and avenues of trees on each side. There are fountains along the rill and it all lights up at night. But the genius is the orientation. The rill is on a line centred on a gateway in the walls across the road and the minaret of the nearby  mosque at the other end.This borrowed landscape really adds to the scene and you can stand on the bridge in the middle and see both. Like something out of the Alhambra.

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