Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Agadir Nights

It was Beloved's birthday this weekend so we went to Agadir so that he could watch his team be beaten by Arsenal live at the English Pub. The English Pub is quite an institution. It shows all televised English football matches  (and many Spanish) and other major sporting events such as Wimbledon and the Test Matches or Grand Prix. There a big screens showing usually 2 separate games and booths with smaller screens so you can watch the game you want if it is unpopular. The advertising hoarding is changed every year to reflect the current Premiership composition. The pub doubles as the British Consulate.
We stayed at the nearest hotel to the pub. Previously we have always stayed nearer into town so we had not experienced the tourist hotel ghetto before. From there you can see the God, King, Country sign illuminated at night and we could watch the sun set over the atlantic from our room. We had rather a good fish blowout at the restaurant across the road but could not escape the french campsite style animation because the lighting in our otherwise excellent room (heating. clean, fridge) was set to seduction levels and it was impossible to read there. There were lots of longstay snowbirds, a dutch woman I spoke to was staying for 80 days for the 6th year running, but I left slightly feeling I'd escaped a prison term.

Sunday morning yoga on Agadir beach

Plateau Royal

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