Friday, 30 March 2012

Sweetheart's carpets

Sweetheart has two moroccan carpets,  or should I say kilims. The first she bought herself in December and has in the spare room. The carpet seller went to great lengths to explain that this was a wedding carpet of the sort that would be sent by a bride to her putative husband's family before the wedding. In those days the bride and groom would not meet until the wedding and the carpet was a way of communicating. The square in the centre represents a house which has two entrances with the families entering through the opposite doors.
She must have liked it when she got it home because she got me to buy the red one for her living room and I must say I think it goes there spectacularly well. I was worried about matching the colour but Ali Baba pointed out that whilst two reds may clash, several will blend and he was obviouly right. The sharper-eyed of you will notice other moroccan purchases , the brass bellows and leather tea light holder and also one of my needlepoint cushions. This one was described as the sort of carpet a woman would send to her mother after her marriage to tell her what was happening.

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