Monday, 23 April 2012

The Builders and the Water Bill

We got our water bill. Clearly nextdoor had got one too. The mother who is never seen was downstairs screaming. The builders foreman was in the road looking embarassed and shouting back. The fat boy was looking even more embarassed and shouting for his Dad. the argument got even more bitter and hysterical. The mother stomped off upstairs and a water bill shot through the window into the street.
This explained a lot. You will recall that the builders had obtained their water from a hosepipe connected to next door and strung across the street. It was now obvious that whilst next door had fully cooperated no agreement had been reached about payment for the water used and the arrival of the water bill had concentrated minds on the problem.
That said our water bill if scaled up for the period we were using it to 12 months would be about one third of our water rates in Wales and as Wales is known for its rainfall and southern Morocco for its lack of it it can be inferred there is probably more work and infrastructure required to supply it in Taroudant. Certainly they never have a hosepipe ban although pressure will fall at times of high demand and may easily stop just when everyone wants to shower before Eid.
The building progressed rapidly with lots of hand mixed concrete and shuttered beams. They had by then connected themselves to a water source on site. Peace had broken out by the weekend when son could be seen driving round on the foreman's morobike, casually driving up to groups of other young teenagers roaring the throttle and riding off. I wonder how far they will have got when we get back at the weekend.

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