Thursday, 26 July 2012

Cascades D'Ouzoud

The highest waterfalls in Morocco are a 2 hour drive from Marrakesh into the Middle Atlas. There was a good amount of water in them when we visited and they were quite spectacular. They are well developed for tourists but there are an awful lot of steps. I only went to the access level but Beloved went all the way to the bottom.
By the side of the steps there are souvenir stall at the top and then as you go lower restaurants and shaded areas for hire take over. We went in the week but I'm sure at weekends in the summer it would be packed with people from the city in large family groups bearing picnics. There were quite a lot of people there mid-week and I would have said it was busy except that a good proportion of the stalls hadn't bothered to open so compared to peak times it must have  been deserted.
When you get all the way to the bottom there are boat rides and you can wander further down the river valley. It must be a tremendous job to get the food and gas cylinders into the restaurants , the donkeys that do it seem to be able to negotiate the steps.
We did not see any Barbary Apes but there are signs in several languages beseeching you not to feed them so maybe we were unlucky.

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