Monday, 17 September 2012

More gates in Meknes

Although Meknes has one overwhelmingly wonderful gate the rest of the 17C Imperial City is pretty wonderful too although the Royal Palace is still kept as such and not visitable. Moulay Ismael's tomb is closed on Friday mornings and due to our car problems that's the day we were there so we only saw the outside.
We had a good wander round past the gardens beyond Bab Mansour and into the old town.This was a bit of a maze and we had toget directions to get out but the covered alleys providing shade were welcome on a hot day and would have been even more so in a thunderstorm. Meanwhile there were a number of  smaller attractive gates into the Imperial city and the medina and we finished off with cold drinks in the square.
There were some disregarded Art Deco  "modern" shops I was quite taken with and we went up to by the new palace to view the panorama of the old city.

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