Friday, 9 November 2012

Tafroute Again

I Have never really "got" Tafroute. People write songs about it and wax lyrical on the page but to me it seems a pretty ordinary if tourist orientated town. We had never stayed overnight , just passed through , so we decided to stay to see if we were missing something. We stayed at the Hotel des Amandines which overlooks the town with wonderful views and has a swimming pool which Beloved enjoyed. (I had managed to leave my costume in Blighty.) I was taken by their Saarinen contemporary copy tables and chairs on the terrace.
Beloved was quite excited by one of the other guest's classic Citroen.
We wandered round town in the day and evening. Had a nice meal. But, I still don't get Tafroute. I'd rather stay at Kerkous any day.

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