Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Rant Against Blogspot and Android

You will have noticed I stopped blogging over the summer. I had little stored material and a real life rather than a sad blogged life but now we are back here I thought I'd start again. This has been difficult.
In the interim they have reconfigured blogspot, I think to make it easier to use on a mobile phone. I don't mind that but they ought to be able to do so without makinging it much harder to use on a computer. At first I thought I couldn't use it at all because most of the icons were covered with "Post Settings" which I couldn't get rid of and couldn't post pictures. I couldn't believe that they didn't want me to post pictures as that is a monetarised part of the  "free" site and presumably they want money, but the icon had disappeared. Also I couldn't edit and any reader will know I really need to edit.
I tried asking my  computer nerd friends in New Zealand but I think the question was a bit to simple for them. Yesterday Sweetheart and Beloved came to the rescue.
Beloved reconfigured the screen somehow so the "Post Settings"  went to the side and all the icons were uncovered. The downside of that is that the font looks impossibly small and the reconfiguration effects anything I do through Google on Internet Explorer so searches and recipes are more ore less unreadable (as is this blog) and I think I'll have to use Firefox to browse in future, except that all my recipes are in internet explorer favourites.
As to the editing Beloved found that whereas I would usually move the cursor a la microsoft word by mousing it to where I wanted and left clicking, something that is now totally ineffective, if I move it there and then right click and then left click away when the box offering delete or select all come up it moves it.  How he discovered that I don't know as it's not exactly intuitive. Sweetheart also found I could move the cursor by moving the arrows so I am back in business in a limited way. These changes may possibly be helpful to a mobile user but why why make it so much harder on a keyboard.  And why is there an assumption that I have increasingly 20/20 vision. I'm not blind, just need spectacles but this is disabling me.

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