Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Koranic Schools and the Watchers

Before coming up north on a road trip and therefore not blogging I posted  a blog "The Koranic Schools". The next day I had 336 views which is about 300 more than usual. All were on Linux, (most views are on Windows or Android), were from Morocco, the UK and USA, and were distributed between all the blog posts. It's not as though my recipe for banana muffins had suddenly gone viral. Had the term "Koranic School" emanating from Morocco tripped an Edward Snowden programme?  Presumably, if so,the hits were entirely electronic as it would only take a human half a dozen posts to realise this blog is written by an old woman interested in plants, needlepoint and tourism. But if it was the watchers why did they leave Linux footprints all over me? I thought the purpose of the watchers was not to let you know you were watched. I'm getting old, modern life is confusing.

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