Thursday, 11 February 2016

What They Bought

I've known the Quaker 40 years and never thought of her as being into stuff and buying things but it turns out I was completely wrong because the Geek and she bought more  to take home than any of our other guests and had brought an empty suitcase to carry it in. She said she preferred buying this than "tourist tat" so I leave you to judge.

The Geek bought a made to measure leather jacket and a hat. 

The Quaker bought 5 pairs of slippers and sandals.

A purse and pencil case.

A tremendous amount of well wrapped potions and oils from the Argan co-op.

A child size Burnoose for her grandson to pretend to be a Jedi Knight in.

A child-size silver bangle.

A Thuya wood tray.

A small wooden jigsaw.

A cactus silk scarf

Amalou, both with and without honey, dates, apricots, figs, and a variety of spices, fennel, coriander, cumin, saffron, lemon ginger, orange flower water.

In showing us these it became clear that the Quaker had told the Geek not to buy the things she didn't like but that he liked and would use different things so he went back to the Souk to buy Chillied Olive, Harissa paste and Preserved Lemons.
They did all seem to fit in the suitcase assuming he wore the coat and hat but that left them with 3 hand luggage bags between the two of them so I hope they got home alright.

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  1. Thanks for the holiday. The Leather Jacket is nice but it is still too cold to wear it in England at the moment. I like adding Harissa paste to vegetables to spice them up a bit.