Monday, 14 November 2016

Jnane Soussia

We had a lovely day yesterday. We went to a local restaurant the Jnane Soussia (the name means Sous Garden) with some friends. Really it was my turn to cook and I was feeling lazy so we just had a nice day out. Some of the guidebooks are sniffy about Jnane Soussia saying that is is built for tourists and coach parties which never come. That is a complete misunderstanding and probably shows that the reviewer went there on a winter evening. It is a restaurant for locals to be used during the day or late summer evenings when you need a breeze. There is a distinctive star shaped plunge pool and a paddling pool for toddlers 

but as we always go in the winter I've never seen it used. There are lovely gardens and it's just a pleasant place to sit. I am quite jealous of some of their plants.

There is a playground hidden away with swings and seesaws for children and a variety of places to sit. We chose to sit around midans in the tented area.

 You do not have to have a meal there are lots of places to have just a coffee or a soft drink but it is not licensed as it would lose most of its clientele were it to do so. There is a separate building used for weddings and other fetes.
We had morrrocan cooked salads (recipes to come in  later post),

 classic lamb tagoine with prunes and almonds and kofta and chicken kebabs

In the evening we skyped the Kiwi boys who we had not spoken to for ages. They were unharmed by the earthquake and one had just had a promotion so it was quite celebratary all round.

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