Tuesday, 24 January 2017

No Pizza Tonight

Well the wood arrived for the oven yesterday and a friend got someone to make us a bespoke pizza spade - rough and ready but it will do, so it has to be pizza tonight.

 I've never made a pizza base before and my only attempts to make flatbread with Malika's recipe have made really tasty bread but with holes in, which won't do with pizza as the topping would fall through. I decide to cheat and use Asda pizza mix. I'm not sure whether that's a good idea as it is designed to cook at 250C for 20 minutes and the point of a pizza oven is to cook at 350C for 8. The instructions say roll out to a cake tin and then leave to prove for 10 minutes. I ignore them and leave my dough to prove before firming out. It does not rise. Mmfph.
Beloved has been burning the wood in the pizza oven.  He uses firelighters to get it going. The temperature rises to 100C. He adds more wood. It starts to burn. The temperature drops to 50C.
No pizza tonight then.

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