Sunday, 28 January 2018

Ahwach at the beach?

We went into Agadir. and at the beach car park a number of somewhat embarrassed young men were changing into costume. Anyway they came out drumming and chanting. The question is was it Ahwach or Gnaoui?
I always think of Gnaoui as having wind or string instruments with the cymbals and drums and Ahwach as just the percussion, but Ahwach really would have an element of dancing as well perhaps with women participating. The march of theat Essaouira Festival includes groups with both. 

Ahwach is a feature of festivals and certainly the drumming was part of the local wedding which kept me awake on Wednesday night. To be fair they turned the loud drum and base disco off at 2.00am but the live drumming continued. I managed to fall asleep about quarter to four and when I woke up at 5.00am it had stopped. Beloved next to me just took his hearing aids out and snored throughout. Wedding? What wedding?

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