Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Businesses

We noticed some business development near us in Sidi Belkas. The coffee shop on the point of opening when we left seemed to be going strong. more niticeable the shop next to the hanut at the end of the street which used to sell roasred nuts and other unrecognisable treats is now a butchers and done out in the traditional red and white chequered tiling of butchers. Whether is will be useful to us as such is uncertain. I have trouble with butchers, even in Marjane. The difficulty is that animals are butchered the french way and labelled as such, not only do I have to translate but work out how the frech cut relates to english butchery so as to k now how to cook it. I therefore tend to ignore anything relating to an actual butcher and just pore over the packages of prepared meat to work out what methods of cooking are suitable. Real butchers in Taroudant are even more difficult. Not only do they speak arabic but as everybody is usually going to cook in a tajine they seem to abandon the concept ot "cuts" and just hack off the next available piece of meat on the carcass. I still am stuck in the british tradition of wanting specific bits for different recipes.
The more annoying new business is the opening of one of the garages to the flat acroooooss the road as a car/carpet cleaning business. when it is hot and the windows are open the noise from the pressure hoses are very annoying and drown the TV. Also whilst the garage and fabricators  shut up shop in the evening , this appears to be the peak period for the car wash as people bring in vehicles after work, and friends of the proprietor moonlight work vans to collect and deliver carpets.

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