Thursday, 30 January 2014

Flummoxed by Google

I have been chided for not blogging although we have been back a month. Well Sweetheart was here for 10 days and we took a week to recover but the last fortnight has been because  Google has "updated" its services again and I have been unable to find a way in. That and a really slow connection which meant I didn't exactly try for hours at a time, and , well, a bit of an addiction to Candy Crush Saga which I could get to work. Sweetheart kindly sorted me out when she was here, friending me to her computer geek,which was essential because every so often you have to have 3 facebook friends to let you through to the next game level. We only have 9 facebook friends ,two of whom are the same person , now deceased. Only sweetheart and one other play candy crush so I was stuck indefinately  but now her geek lets me through and I have progressed several levels. Definately signs of a mispent senility.
I started writing this on Beloved's birthday. I think it was quite a good one. He spent the morning watching anorak DVDs of motorbikes given him by the modelmaker. So here's a picture of blue skies for the modelmaker.

 We went to the Palais Salaam for lunch. It was cold so we ate inside in their moroccan room which has been done up.

On the way back the Atlas looked wonderful with snow on the tops.

In the evening we skyped madre and then sweetheart. He opened the champagne she'd given him and she got herself a glass and we toasted each other across the screen. Then he streamed The Villa local derby match against the Baggies which was quite exciting and most satisfactorily ended with the Villains winning 4-3 coming back from 2-0 down and to top the day off we won £10 on the lottery.

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