Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sweetheart's Marjorelle

When we took Sweetheart back for her flight she wanted to stay a couple of nights in Marrakesh to go to the food stalls in the Place (we always go to No1 because it's run by a woman) and to do some shopping. She bought yet 2 more night light holders.
I did not go on the shopping trip because the accommodation booking was a bit of a disaster. We had a self-catering flat perfectly situated opposite the Colisseum cinema  near our favourite restaurant. It was spacious and well equipped in a moroccan rather than european manner, the plumbing and electrics worked and there was a cooker with an oven, and a large fridge freezer, kettle, toaster and microwave; but it was on the 5th floor and the lift didn't work.
 Beloved thinks my refusal to to go down the stairs for the shopping only to have to come back up was a lucky break as it meant he had  to accompany Sweetheart. Her style of shopping is to visit every single stall in the Souk which may possibly sell light shades and then go round them again bargaining. (He thinks I didn't know that but I'm a veteran of trips to Brum and Manchester.)
Anyway when we went to the Marjorelle which I've visited and photographed dozens of times I gave the camera to Sweetheart for a Fresh Eye.

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