Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Freyja Henna

We had a lovely, lovely day on Saturday when a friend took us to visit his sisters in Freyja. They have a house with the most amazing situation at the top of the village, right next to the bridge, overlooking the Sousse valley. Being a moroccan house there are no picture windows or loggia taking advantage of the view, just a blank wall and the house turns inwards to the courtyard. It is acceptable to sit out behind the wall in the evening and watch the sunset which is what we did.
We were given one of those moroccan feasts which they seem to prepare effortlessly where you think you have managed to do quite well and that although you couldn't eat another bite you haven't offended by not eating enough, and then find that they bring out another 2 or 3 courses. One of these extra course was Seffa which I haven't eaten before although I have the recipe. You Steam angel's hair pasta and then add shredded almonds (shredded skin in so as to be dark brown) cinnamon and icing sugar all drizzled over. They were good enough to do me a separate pile without the sugar. It was very good. The Juggler and his Ladylove are visiting soon, maybe I'll try it  on them.
Afterward we went down to the Riad Freyja for mint tea. We've passed it frequently and never been in. It's much bigger than I expected, 40 or so simple rooms. Some open onto the swimming pool and others are around the inner courtyard. Ther are views from the roof 5 storeys up. It would be a good place to stay for some quiet I think.

Rachida insisted I had my hands henna'd. The henna is made into a thick blue paste and then applied freehand with a syringe like cake icing but narrower. this leaves the pattern raised on your hand and you have to leave it to dry when you can rub it off and the pattern is there stained on your skin in the burnt ochre colour as though you have been painted with ninhydrin.

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