Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Divine Divan

Most of the furniture in the house was bought with it from the Frenchman. The living room had an impressive 3,2,1, seater combination. Over time I realised that it was one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever sat on but it took us 5 years to do something about it. 
The new divan arrived today. We started inquiries as soon as we got back. It turned out that one of our friends next door but one neighbour was an upholsterer so we went to him. The initial quote included a very fancy base unit, metal with beads. It cost as much as the seating so we got a very plain wooden base from a seperate carpenter instead which was less than half the price although we clearly were still paying too much as he gave us some money back when we paid him. On these low wooden slat bases are placed mattresses which are then covered with the material of choice and cushions form the back. Usually the cushions are quite firm so we have 2 sorts. The main upholstery material ones are firm but the ones with the sunburst are squadgy like a pillow. Then there are sausage shaped ones made of a very firm foam which can act as arm-rests.

The mattresses look like any you can buy of the shelf in a shop, and they are sprung making them much comfier than the rejected set but in fact they are made to measure. The long wall was measured and it was suggested that instead of one length we should have it made in two to make them manageable and we said we wanted the return to be the same length so that everything would be interchangeable and so we have 3 bases, mattresses and covers each 2 m 41 cm long.

Gold seems to be the fashionable colour this year for upholstery, last year it was purple , and the year before blue. The tajdlect is yellow , so we thought this orange, red and gold print would be OK. The covers are loose so they can be dry cleaned or you can get another set if you change you mind without replacing the bases. 
Overall cost? About the "before Sale" price for a DFS 3 seater or a sale 3+2 combo, but for that we have over 7m of seating.

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