Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dino-man and the Search for theTooth

Sweetheart's boss is a real Dino-man. He spends all his holidays on the north coast of the Isle if Wight, hammer in hand, searching for fossils.
When he heard she was coming to SE Morocco he became very excited and asked her to purchase him a dinosaur tooth. He gave instructions on how to tell the difference between a dinosaur tooth and a crocodile tooth which seemed very clear on paper but less so when we were looking at actual teeth.
The difficulty is that there are a lot of forgeries about as well as crocodile teeth masquerading as dinosaurs'. The dealer who sold me the table we indicated that there were indeed 4" dinosaur teeth available from some dealers but they cost about 2500Dh (c£200) which was rather over Dino-man's budget.  We bought something smaller for rather less and which we thought looked like the pictures. Dino-man is reportedly satisfied.
 Anyway before we hit town we saw this shop/museum by the road and thought we should at least look round for their efforts;faking 3 large dinosaur skeletons as an advertisement takes some work.

The museum part was actually very interesting.I wanted to get something for Madre and would have liked to get a strombolite as I remember her teaching me about them when I was about 7 or 8. She has no recollection of that now and says she doesn't know what a strombolite is. Strombolites or stromatolites are accretions of calcium carbonate built up by cyano-bacteria and are the earliest form of fossils. 

Morocco_stromatolites copy

This picture from the US Geological Survey shows some from the moroccan field in situ. Unfortunately calcium carbonate is effectively a rock so the impressive ones on display were far too heavy for the suitcase home.

There were some very impressive specimens inside.

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