Sunday, 16 October 2016

How does my garden grow?

The thing I always look forward to most on our return is to see how the plants are doing. Despite our friend's personal difficulties he had watered for us and kept the plants alive. Their progress was variable, the fanpalm is clearly not happy and probably needs replacing

but the Bird of Paradise plant relishes its new position in the shade although its new pot seems to be disintegrating.

The sad new succulent which was doing nothing is thriving and in flower

and the baby and grand -baby prickly pears are happy.

The weird star flower plant is coming into bloom

but the great joy is the two rescue cacti which were just sad tall spike with a slight bum at the top

have now branched out properly to almost tree shapes.

Perhaps the best grown but most frustrating however is my Hibiscus hedge. As with any hedge I have ever tried to grow we were not sufficiently harsh on it early on so that it had a bare base and then insufficiently dense branches with holes. We tried to renovate it by giving it a particularly hard prune to encourage denser foliage, thinking we could repeat this winter and end up with a nice dense, holeless 3ft hedge. Well the pruning certainly encouraged growth, it's up to the first floor level!  


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