Thursday, 20 October 2016 la meme chose.

The picket line has gone from the Palais Salaam! 

 The staff have been paid and, three cheers, we can eat there again. 
The problem seems to have moved to the Gazelle D'Or. 

This fabulously luxurious hotel is reputed to be the most expensive in Africa. The cheapest room booked last minute in the off season was £500 room only when I looked a couple of years ago. It is the winter haunt of the elite such as Francois Mitterand, Brad Pitt and the late great John Mortimer.
The on-dit is as follows:-
The hotel was sold to a Saudi businessman. He never actually visited being one of those super-elite who live on a yacht the whole time ,presumably to avoid being resident in any country where they may have to pay tax. The running of the hotel was left to a manager. She inflated everybody's wages and all the maintenance costs ,pocketing the difference. When this was discovered she refused to leave until dragged out screaming by the police. 
Taroudant on-dits can tend to exaggeration.News reports suggest that the situation is more complicated, the original purchase being by the father of the current claimant and that the Manager, who had managed for many years, had been given a large interest by him which his estate refuses to acknowledge. The  matter has been been subject to lengthy and complex litigation in the Marrakesh, Agadir and Appeal Courts since 2014.
 Whatever, the upshot is that the staff have not been paid and and there is a union picket line.

 One of the striking  facets of the picket line from a British standpoint is the care to which the union goes to express its loyalty and patriotism with displays of the Moroccan flag and a photo of the King. Not quite UNITE.

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