Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Lemon tree

Yes that is a tree which that poor young man has just carried up 4 flights of stairs and 3 floors.
We have given up on the very unhappy bouganvilla; they don't do pots well as they like to spread their roots. I worry that there is no height on the terrace and everything ends up the same size as it cannot exceed the size of pot and amount of earth that we can carry up so we decided the replacement should be a tree. At the pepiniere's we selected a lemon tree which he assured me was a 4 season fruiter and would thrive in a pot. Why then do I assume it will only bear fruit, if at all, when we are in Wales. We thought about the stairs and gladly paid £16 extra to have it delivered and planted. 

It's certainly adding height, it's above the wall. Will I get lemons for my pancakes? We'll have to wait and see.

Whilst we were there I fell for this plant. 

Yes it's the same as those tiny ones we get for hanging baskets.

Strangely surfing Youtube I just found this from my childhood.

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