Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Visit

The Model-maker and the CruiseQueen visited on Wednesday. They were on a cruise. The ship docked at Agadir for a day and they had a whole nine hours on land. They had not had a good night as the sea had been rough but they made it first off the ship. They then fell prey to a taxi driver as they were worried that they were keeping us waiting (the ship docked later than expected)  and they got in one to take them to the port gate so they didn't get lost. 
Now, fair enough the guy had been queuing for more than an hour for the prospect of getting a good fare or at least a fare to the town centre, fixed at 10 euros for parity with the much longer drive from the airport, and he must have been disappointed but that is no reason to sweep them past us to the entrance to the separate fishing port and then demand 15 euros.
We had a good if frantic day.  The model-maker did comment that the terrace could house a mega model railway but was most excited by finding we bought milk in plastic bags which were decanted into jugs bought to fit the fridge. The CruiseQueen managed to wander through both souks and not buy anything. An achievement not met by any of our other visitors.
The CruiseQueen and I approach life differently. She is always asking me about packing because she finds a 23kg allowance not really sufficient for 2 weeks and I stare at her in incomprehension because I managed halfway round the world and back for 3 months on 20kg, though to be fair we did have some laundry done, although we had to take english reading material.

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