Sunday, 4 March 2018

Moroccan Mojitos

Sweetheart arrived yesterday. She escaped snowdrifts in Buxton which had been cut off but the road to the airport is the road to the hospital so it was cleared just in time. She is finding 20C very satisfactory.
I had managed to get some Havana Club in the Victoria Drinks Shop in Marrakesh and on Thursday following a "snow day" spent largely in the pub she had given me clear instructions for a Mojito.  Unfortunately she had omitted limes from the ingredient list. I don't suppose it would have made much difference as limes are not common here but possibly Marjane would have had some if I;d searched. However it is the height of the orange season. So, if life gives you oranges make Mojitos. 
We went to the Jnane Soussia for lunch.

 The usual Sunday lunch moroccan crowd were absent , presumably too cold and windy, but Sweetheart thought the breeze just pleasant. I have never worked out why the Jnane Soussia's kefta are so much better than everyone else's but they are.

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