Thursday, 1 March 2018

The secet Garden; The Exotic Garden

The smaller courtyard has been restored as an "exotic" garden. It is the courtyard nearest to the entrance and would have been used for entertaining visitors whilst a dog-legged entrance to the Islamic garden would have allowed the family to retain their privacy. The garden is filled with plants from similar climates from all over the world and partly reflects the concept of an "Eden Garden" wherein "the Lord God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food".Excavations showed that the original garden level was 80cm below the paths but it has been restored with a minimal height difference to make it more accessible. 
Planting includes Date Palms

 and Jacaranda, Yucca and Kalanchoe but a considerable reliance on Agaves,Aloes and Bromeliads. There are fountains

 with resident terrapins

 and seating areas.

The emphasis is still on the authenticity of the buildings an the planting. when compared tho the Marjorelle, created by an artist, I think  the have passed on an opportunity to add colour.

I had quite fancied one of this Kalanchoe beharensis when we bought the banana plant but the pepinieresaid it did nothing  -just had big leaves. Not true! Look at the flowers on it.

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