Sunday, 6 March 2011

Rock The Kasbah

Yesterday was a cooler day than lately, described by the forcasters as "sunny intervals" although in practice this seemed to mean beautiful light kipper clouds. Beloved took the opportunity to cycle round to the Kasbah. This is on the other side of town round by the Palais Salaam hotel and was the original ruling centre of the town. It is now much run down and one of the poorer parts of the town with a higher proportion of unimproved pise homes. It is now getting a makeover as part of the UNESCO scheme. As well as the walls being renovated there is a new "park" being built (I find it difficult to think of a park without trees and plants but it is a public space). The centrepiece is a fountain and yesterday it was up and running.

New fountain outside Taroudant Kasbah

Fountain outside Taroudant Kasbah

Clouds over Taroudant town walls

View of the Atlas from the entrance to Taroudant Kasbah

Bab Larjer entrance to Taroudant Kasbah

Looking out from the gate to Taroudant Kasbah

Taroudant Kasbah

Entering Taroudant Kasbah through the "pedestrian" entrance

"Kipper" skies Taroudant

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