Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Wadi

The river runs round Taroudant and into the Sousse through a wadi. I had read of these of course but not actually seen one until I came to morocco. The sides are vertcal and the bottom flat. most of the time it is entirely dry or has  small abandoned puddles trying to  make a flow but it can change rapidly. After rain maybe twice a year and at the melt-time in the Atlas it becomes a raging torrent. anything in its path would be swept away.

River Wadi Taroudant February when dry

River Wadi Taroudant early morning February

Dry River Wadi Taroudant

Wadi Taroudant after rain

River in Wadi Taroudant

Waadi after rain Taroudant

River in flow Taroudant 1.12.11.

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