Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Surrey with a fringe on top

I am becoming obsessive about the caleches. I have blogged them already . Beloved says they are all the same and they are in the generality but vary in the particular. The lamps, decoration, hood linings and for some the pictures on the back. They are more difficult to photograph than one would think as often they are just passing and I can't go too near because of my allergy to horses. I stalk particular caleches over several days or weeks to add to my collection. In fine weather with their hoods down the look like refugees from Oklahoma. (The musical not the state). When you go to Marrakesh the caleches are much swankier with polished brass. These however are used solely as a tourist attraction whereas in Taroudant whilst the drivers certaiinly would like to have tourists the whole time they are mainly used by locals as taxis.

Caleche No 34 Taroudant

Detail of Caleche 34 Taroudant

Caleche 43 Taroudant

Detail Caleche 43 Taroudant

Caleche Taroudant

Caleche 13 Taroudant

Detail Caleche 13 Taroudant
Caleche Taroudant

Caleche Marrakesh

Caleche Marrakesh

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