Monday, 11 July 2011


If instead of going south you go east into the antiatlas you come to a magic land. First you pass through Talaouine where saffron is grown, so this is the place to buy it, not Marrakech or even Taroudant. You then pass through the mountains spectacular views and numerous "fossil" stalls some selling fossils and some concrete casts, some selling amesthyst and some selling dyed quartz. Eventually you get to  Ouazazate and this is where the magic starts because Ouazazate is the centre of the moroccan film industry. You can visit the studio- 8 euros- and will be given a guided tour of various props from Gladiator and other films and then you can drive out in the desert to various sets mostly from Kingdom of Heaven; spooky but fascinating.

Dead charioteers from Gladiator, Ouazazate Studios

Buddhist Shrine from Kudron, Ouazazate Studios

Throne from Asterix film, Ouazazate Studios

Ghouls from The Mummy, Ouazazate Studios

Barge from Asterix, Ouazazate Studios

Catapult, Ouazazate Studios

Imperial Lion from Kudron, Ouazazate Studios

Back of set, ouazazate studios

Set for Kingdom of Heaven, Ouzazate

Set of Kingdom of Heaven, Ouazazate

Set of Kingdom of Heaven, Ouazazate

The marketplace, Kingdom of Heaven, Ouazazate

Kingdom of Heaven Set, Ouazazate

War Machine, Ouazazate Studios

Ouazazate Studios

Battering Ram, Ouazazate Studios

Siege engine, Ouazazate

Market,Kingdom of Heaven, Ouazazate

Market Square, Kingdom of Heaven, Ouazazate

Projection Tower, Kingdom of Heaven, Ouazazate

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