Monday, 4 July 2011


If instead of crossing north from Taroudant you go south into the anti-atlas there is an interesting circuit one can take. The first part goes along winding roads towards Tafroute.Many people find Tafroute a magical place and Justin Adams has written a paeon to it on his Desert Road CD. Tafroute is a nice enough town but I think its attraction is mainly its access to trekking in the Ameln valley and as I don't trek I've never been tempted to linger. However the road there is stunning with numerous fortified villages cling to the hillside the most notable of which I've seen only from the road but I believe to beTizergane although it could possibly be Tioulit. It dominates the valley and is redolent of some huge bailey castle a la Edward 1 or perhaps even more so of the British Camp in the Malverns or some other Iron Age fort.

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