Friday, 24 February 2012

Ali Baba and the Knitter

We have friends visiting , a former colleague of Beloved. I was going to call him the Restorer because he aspires to restore things. They live in the eponymous old mill of a village in Cerredigion and have been restoring it for nearly 25 years. They have still not finished as everyhing has to be genuine and quality but cheap. They also keep extending the scope of their vision to landscaping and pond digging so there will always be something more to do; also he will be prevented from engaging on his other restoration projects. 8 classic cars are part of their collection but they have only one 2 seater which actually goes. Meanwhile land has been bought and timber garages erected to accomodate the accumulating projects. Anyway the restorer he isn't. He has a beard and that causes all the locals to address him as Ali Baba so Ali Baba it is. His wife who was a primary Head objects to my referring to her as the Headmistress and asked to be called the Knitter instead. I said "Is that with or without a K?" and got a very old fashioned look.
They came to the cave and Agadir with us and have generaly been exploring Taroudant on foot. Today they were shopping and here are some of their purchases.

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