Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dracaena Indivisa

The plumbago on the terrace has not been very happy so when we had a car to go to Agadir we went to the pepiniere. We explained to the woman running it that we needed a plant to grow in a jardiniere in full sun with only occasional watering over the summer. She showed us a variety of plants but I was taken with one which I thought was a sort of palm but she said was a dracaena indivisa. Two were bought and with some difficulty put into the back seat of the car. When I got home I went on Wikipedia whoch told me that it is the same as  cordylline indivisa from north Island New Zealand and that it has a tendency to keel over in heat or drought. I hope not but remain confused because pictures of cordylline indivisa show the leaves groing from the base with no trunk as my plant has.
We have made some additions to the terrace as there is a big temperature difference between sun and shade at this time of year and which you want to be in varies with the time of day so we have added another "sofa" in the sun.
We had a moroccan family round for a barbeque yesterdayI don't think they were impressed. We tried with limited success to introduce the children to skittles which they don't seem to have here. We explained that grown men play it in leagues. What they knew about sport in 'England was from their school textbooks which told them that cricket was by far the most popular sport much more so than football. We disaboused them but when we said that te most popular participation sport was fishing they knew we were joking. We have british friends coming next week; I hope they appreciate the terrace.

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