Thursday, 23 February 2012

Grotte Windimouine

If you turn north off the honey road at  Tamazirt you are signposted to Grotte Winimidouine. You take the road for about 8km and then come to a car park. The drive is very picturesque and worth the trip in itself. There is then a piste track uphill, seemingly leading to the top of the mountain and far distance but actually only for about 500m. There is then a last scrambly bit and you are at the Grotte.
There is an artificial pool ouside the entrance which makes a good place fo a picnic and the water is invitingly clear for a swim in summer. you can't go very far into the cave itself as there is a safety gate at 20m. There is a man brewing mint tea and he will give you a cup, tell you of the cave and show you a map of them. It is a major extensive cave system extending for 19km but most of it is flooded and so best left to cave-divers but for them it would be a great expedition.

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