Thursday, 20 December 2012


The previous students have referred to Ahwach at wedding ceromies. Zoubida Benmoussa explains it in more detail.

Morocco is one of the richest countries of the world in terms of cultural aspects: traditions, customs, musics. Morocco is characterised by different types of music according the regions forming the whole country. Among them, we have what is called in Taroudant « Ahwach ».
     Ahwach is a famous Amazigh dance performed by a group of men wearing traditional clothes : white « Djellabas » and slippers. In this dance, the men use Bendirs, Agwals, …as musical instruments. They make a line in front of a group of women wearing Hayks (traditional clothes) decorated with jewellery.  The men dance and sing.  At the same time the women repeat choruses and answer the men.
     Ahwach a heritage passed from generation to generation. It is practised in national, religious, and marriage celebrations all over Morocco.
     I appreciate this music a great deal because it is part of my identity and that of my ancestors.  Consequently, we have to enjoy it and make it known to others.
     Visit Taroudant, especially in a national celebration or a musical festival, to know more about this dance and music.

Bendirs are the sieveshaped hand drums rather like Irish bodhrans but instead of being held by cross wires there is a thumbhole and they are played with the hand.

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