Thursday, 29 October 2015


Asilah was one of the two trips Thomson offered us 25 years ago.It is another of the 17C Portugese ports. Sweetheart bought a drum there so it must have been in the run-up to Ashurim, the drum festival.
Nowadays the village has expanded with lots of apartment and holiday "resort" expansion, those on the outer fringes often abandoned half complete at La Crise. Some seem to be equivalent to Towyn's caravan parks but with wooden shed-like structures instead of caravans; one appeared to be owned by Maroc Telecom, presumably for staff.
The medina however seemed much the same, pretty alleyways with blue doors and windows kept very clean.

There were more tourist shops and cafes but they were not overwhelming and the town appears to be trying to emulate Essaouira in that there are a number of artists with shops and studios.

 Beloved and I had an inconclusive discussion, which essentially I lost as we didn't buy, as to whether there was any suitable artwork for the salon walls now that  we had got the hooks left by the frenchman removed from the Tajlick. We regained our composure over a particularly good fish lunch opposite the medina gate.

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