Thursday, 15 October 2015


We got back to a heatwave and no phone or internet. In March we'd paid for another 6 months internet in the morning before we left and the line had gone down that afternoon. It took a few requests in person at Maroc Telecom but when we finally got an engineer he said the fault was external , went away, and returned no more than 10 minutes later with the line restored. We suspect paying our bill led the exchange to disconnect us.
Anyway we are fixed now and have set off on a trip up to Tangier complete with dongle. We have not been there for 25 years on a trip with sweetheart and both grannies and thought we'd see how it had changed. We were intending to go later but saw a weather forecast for torrential rain whilst we'd be there and brought the trip forward to miss it. The weather is much pleasanter in the North, mid 20s. It had been 40C in Taroudant, unseasonally hot and much too hot coming from autumnal Wales.
We are currently in Larache, a pleasant resort south of Tangier. In colonial times this northern part of Morocco was under Spanish not French control so everyone speaks spanish and little french and the architecture reflects spanish art deco/ mission design. 
There are some nice gardens/promenade over the cliffs 

and towards the olld Portugese 17C fort,

 a pretty fishing harbour, and some nicely restored buildings around La Place de Liberation, universally referred to as "Plaza Espanol".

 Add in some really good fish restaurants and what's not to like?

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