Thursday, 17 March 2016

Boujloud Square

There is another plain Bab Boujloud which is 12C and behind it Boujloud Square. It covers 2 hectares and is srounded by pise walls pierced by numerous doors. It used to be a site for story-tellers, and folk-lore groups, but is now mostly used as a car park or for pick-up games of football. They were pollarding the trees which cheered up beloved as he said it prove it was the right time for pruning and he hard-pruned the hibiscus hedge last week.

In one corner of the square there are caleches for hire. They are not the functional caleche of Taroudant,nor the smart tourist vehicles of Marakesh although it is tourists they are touting for. They seem to double as wedding transport and meanwhile are every little girl's dream princess carriage.

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