Friday, 18 March 2016

Fes; Jnane Sbil

Just outside Bab Chems is the Jnane Sbil. Beloved thinks this is probably the best garden we have visited in Morocco but it is a public park ;free to all. They do have uniformed security to make sure you behave yourself.
They have an avenue of Washingtonias, which turn out to be very tall palms,

fountains amid areas of victorian bedding and clipped oranges,

rills and streams which were part of the medieval water system,

and a restored water wheel which ran it,

a  lake with a fountain ,island of palms and views to the medina; the fountain is on the sightline through the fountains from the avenue,

a sensory and cactus garden with labelled herbs,

and lots of shade and seats. A good place to wander after lunch.

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