Friday, 4 March 2016

Terrace Pots

The development of the terrace was now six years ago. We had great problems getting our builder to paint the wall turquoise but that has worked out well.    We used the leftover paint to paint some pots and containers and painted some others a darker "Toureg" blue. They were the same paint just in different colours. For some reason I don't understand the turquoise has lasted well even though it is in direct sunlight. The darker blue hasn't. It is peeling off the plastic troughs and the terracotta pot is badly faded.

Once you start painting pots you need at least two contrasting colours. I am obviously reluctant to buy more dark blue paint and repaint as past experience is not good. Before Xmas we started using some yellow. 
Our Bird of Paradise plants are on the wrong (sun-baked) side of the terrace. We now really only use cacti and succulents on that side.  They are surviving but not thriving. 

We have decided to move them to the more shady side. This is quite complicated. We have bought new pots for them. 

We think these should be painted yellow too. They'll then have to be filled with a mixture of compost and soil and replanted. All this has to be carried up two stories of stairs. Beloved is exhausted. 

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