Saturday, 18 March 2017

Terrace pots

We potted up some small plants on the terrace but our main efforts were replanting the troughs. in the autumn we experimented with two replacing the marigolds with geraniums. in one we bought 4 largeish red plants and they are doing really well. 

The other was planted with 3 white and 6 pink plants and we decided that was too many so we re-did the 3rd trough and transplanted the white geraniums to it which was interesting as we had only put 3 plants in but got 8 plants out. 

We then had to rejig the pink ones a bit. 

Those all look sad now but we hope by our return in autumn they will be thriving. Either that or they will be dead.
There's quite a few flowers about on the terrace even the new lemon tree has buds.

 Sadly the pollinators aren't attractive bees but rather repulsive black flies.

 Anyway an extended, for Morrocco, period of rain followed by a heat wave has encouraged everything into growth.

Even the self sown weeds look good.

 Whether  the summer will finish them off remains to be seen but our friend has always done very well with the watering so far.

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