Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Park Around the Walls

We drove round the walls late yesterday afternoon. The park has really come on well. The mountains were looking good,dusted with snow.

 Those that had got out of school early were begiinning to use the sports facilities but after 6 they would be widely used and on Sunday they were swamped. There was a small fair with a waltzer and dodgems and electric mini cars for toddlers

.The gardens now look mature rather than sadly optimistic

 and the sculpture park was particularly lush because the rain had given it a lawn and the hedges once hard pruned to nothingness are now waist high and dense.We need to learn for our hedge.

There was still a lot of development. We'll find out what when we return in the autumn.

The gardens and playground by the Palais Salaam were well-used by smaller children and even attracted a snack stall.

I was quite jealous of the plants

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