Sunday, 16 October 2011

5th International Symposium of Public Sculpture

For the last two weeks Taroudant has been hosting a major exhibition of public sculpture. Unfortunately we have only been able to photograph it today as we weren't in the country but it is pretty impressive. The sculptors from Belgium, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Japan have been chipping away to create the sculptures which will remain to grace the new park (see 6.3.11). Previous symposia have been held in El Jadida, Tangier, Essaouira and Fes but it is 10 years since the last one was held because after the one in Fes a new mayor was elected who had the sculptures destroyed. The sculptures are in the local stone for which Taroudant is famous and are a tribute to a french sculptor who died this year at the age of 85 having made his home here.
The sculptures are pretty impressive and the square was at its best with the fountains going. They were crash-barriered off although this had not prevented local children getting their football on top of the jet to see if it would stay there. Today is Sunday and market day and the last official day of the symposium and there were quite a few local people who like me were taking time out to view the works and take pictures.
Next to the fountains  they have finished a circular area with tiered seating round presumably for small perfomances. We could not help noticing the goals marked out by large stones so maybe the local kids have a different use.

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