Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lalla Salma for Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace was an early 19C mathematician without whose work Charles Babbage would not have been able to build his calculating machine. The computing industry is still largely dominated by male nerds and my favourite male nerds out in New Zealand drew my attention last year to Ada Lovelace day when everyone is invited to blog about their favourite woman mathematician or scientist to remind us of the contribution of women which is forgotten in male accounts of history.  I intended to blog about a prominent Roudani woman but my research skills were not up to the job. Instead I will  blog about Lalla Salma  (nee Bennani) who is a moroccan computer engineer. She is one of those sickening women who are not only fiercely intelligent and bright but drop dead gorgeous and elegant putting us mere mortals to shame. Since her marriage she has not pursued her profession but has supported her husband and various charities, particularly those relating to the prevention of cancer and AIDS in Africa.
 I do not see this as a pre-feminist drop-out, more as an insertion of a computer engineer into a position of unequalled influence at the heart of government. (Sorry about the pun). Because her full title is Princess Lalla Salma and the husband she has chosen to support, His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco.

This is the Princess at the British Royal Wedding. She was voted the most elegant woman at the Royal Wedding by readers of Hello magazine, knocking Pippa Middleton's infamous rear into second place. 

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