Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Stonecarver

It may be that the recent sculpture symposium came here as did the sculptor it honoured because of the local stone. There is a stonecarving tradition in the town and a number of  stalls sell carvings. My favourite workshop is Larbi Elhare's in the Arab Souk. The sculptor uses traditional tools and drills - no modern electricals here.
The Artist was of course taken with this. She is of Sri Lankan lineage and this seems to have produced a thing about elephants much as chum had about camels so she puchased a dinky one not in local limestone but in marble. I, myself have a limestone carving at home based on a moroccan folk tale of an old man whose turban is a dove. I covet some of the larger carvings of heads some of which remind me of the sculpture at the Daniel Owen centre Mold commemorating the "Alleluia" battle and victory of the Welsh over outnumbering Viking forces. Beloved and I bicker over the possibility of commissioning a gnomon for a projected wall sundial on the terrace and the impossibility of conveying this in our limited language skills.

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