Sunday, 23 October 2011

Old friends

Old Friends have come to visit. We have known them for 30+ years but they retired to Spain 10 years ago and we had not seen them since until last month. We visited them in Spain then which must have seemed a wierd visit to them because I had fallen down the garage step a month before and was barely able to manage to hobble with a stick and then Beloved developed gout which is excruciatingly painful and he was hopping about unable to walk and we were fighting over the stick. Thank heavens they live in a bungalow.
Anyway they are now returning the visit. What is nice about old friends is that they fit like an old jacket or shoes and even after a 10 year gap you can just pick up and feel comfortable. The wife is an artist and has had creative flourish since she left work and children and went to live in the Campo. She has had a number of international exhibitions, the next is in Finland in December. You can see her work at
They have not spent much time in Morocco, a family trip to Agadir with teenagers 25 years ago and a 2-day trip to Tangier from Spain which yielded 2 pictures. Anyway we have been showing off the new sculpture park and taking them round and the Artist is very taken with our garden and spent yesterday afternoon making watercolour pencil sketches with great concentration and enthusiasm.

The birdcage: one of the Artist's pictures from her trip to Tangier

Interior: one of the Artist's picture from her trip to Tangier

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