Thursday, 28 November 2013

M'hamid and Ouled Driss

M'hamid is the end of the road for the Draa Valley. After, the roads to the border or east with the river are piste only. The road itself has been single track since Zagora.It is prone to sand-drifts and there are woven palm sandbreaks in diamonds at the side of the road to try and keep it clear. 

 The signs by the road remind you not to leave rubbish and to keep the desert clean and conserve water. Also not to leave the road in a car; i.e. use the pistes only with a 4wheel or camels. It is also the end of the road for the petty criminals serving internal exile rather than imprisonment (victim's election). There is a strong military presence this close to the border and little of touristic interest but it is the place to come for your desert trips to Chigaga. It used to be that Marrakesh was billed as the gateway to the desert, then Ouazazate, then Zagora, but now it is M'hamid.
Just north of the town is a pretty little 10km palmerie, Ouled Driss.

 There are some nice Chamres D'Hotes and a really interesting little museum in a restored Ksar. It reminded us of similar museums in the Sakawatti. I was particularly taken with the triangular baby walker next to the cradle.

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