Friday, 22 November 2013

The drummer's Best Ever Apple Cake

Beloved's schoolfriend the Drummer is one of those people who says he'll come and visit us here but I know he won't because he actually reads this blog. The world is divided into those who read this blog and dream but don't visit and those who visit but don't read the blog even when they've been told to to plan trips out.
Being a drummer is quite a cool occupation and we have enjoyed several jaunts to see him play, but I always remember him for the apple cake he had just cooked on a visit a few years ago. This autumn I managed to extract the recipe. He says he thinks it was originally Mary Berry but to me it will always be the drummer's. I made it the other day. It is wonderful when cold and I have been having it for breakfast. (I can get quite continental once toast is off the menu). But when it is hot from the oven it is otherwordly in it's delectableness almost best apple pie plus. I wondered if it froze well but neither he nor I have kept any long enough to freeze it and try.

For an 8" cake tin or 2lb loaf tin

150g/5oz      butter
2 large eggs
225g/8oz      caster sugar
5ml/1tsp       almond essence
225g/8oz       selfraising flour
11/2tsp          baking powder
675g/11/2lb  cooking apples

Preheat oven to 160C Gas Mark 3

Melt butter until just runny
In a large bowl beat in eggs, sugar and essence
Fold in sifted flour and baking powder
Spread 2/3 mixture in cake tin
Peel,core and slice apples and lay over mixture
Add the rest of the mixture

Cook 1-11/2 hours until apple is cooked

I used a loaf tin and it only took 40mins
I also substituted rose water for almond essence as I did not have any.
Best hot but keeps in fridge up to 4 days

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