Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More Pouffes

Madre had picked a pouffe so we went to buy it. It was by Moha's shop so he came too. When we said it was a present both he and the shopman said we should not get that because it was poor quality and when they came off the wall indeed the others they recommended were of much better quality.
We bargained for one but the shopkeeper's price was about twice my maximum offer which was 10Dh more than Moha said it was worth (he had left during the bargaining)
so we went to the tannery which had a different selection of pouffes displayed below.
The one above is probably not the best quality but is a very lightcoloured undyed goatskin  suede which will go well in the room and attract dirt. The ones below are dyed leather and perhaps slightly on the orange side of the spectrum although we discounted the very tan ones. There seems to be a surplus of camels in pouffe decoration which we have tried to avoid.

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