Sunday, 24 November 2013


Nasrate is a small oasis palmerie on piste off the Tinfou -  Mohammed road. It is gradually being absorbed by the Sahara in its move north and half is now buried in dunes. Despite this it has a spanking new Lycee.
The car got stuck in sand. Fritz the hotel owner had been encouraging us to go to the Erg Lihoudi Dunes which are accessed by a piste further down the road with a couple of sand patches so he had been instructing us in how to walk a car out of sand by getting out to lighten the weight and pushing it turning over on the starter motor. We were in the middle of Nasrate village when we got stuck in a 10m or so drift of sand which was deeper than we thought. We followed Fritz's instructions. The starter motor wasn't enough to keep turning over so Beloved had to get back in to press the accelerator. We were going nowhere and getting more stuck. A donkey cart arrived with 3 men and a boy. They left the boy to look after the donkey and the men got out, found straw to place under the wheels, pushed bounced the car out of the sand, and got back onto the cart and kept going before we could say "shukran". It is as though removing stuck tourists from the road is a normal part of life.
We did not go to the Erg Lihoudi Dunes.

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